In 1991, Angelo Muraco purchased RE/MAX Cataract City Realty Ltd. His market share was the envy of the network, as well as his commercial real estate prowess.

Moving toward 1997, Angelo Muraco had the vision to change RE/MAX Cataract City Realty Ltd. to RE/MAX Niagara Realty Ltd. and continued his growth throughout St. Catharines and Fort Erie.

Five years ago, Angelo joined forces with Conrad Zurini of RE/MAX Escarpment Realty Inc., when Angelo offered Conrad the opportunity to buy into the company.

We are excited to share that on August 31, Conrad purchased the remainder of the shares to RE/MAX Niagara Realty Ltd. We would like to thank Angelo for his commitment to the RE/MAX brand and for building the brokerage into the empire it is known as today.

“Thank you Angelo, for your tremendous leadership and devoted service to RE/MAX Niagara throughout all these years,” says Christopher Alexander, President, RE/MAX Canada.

With a total of 6 offices and 180 agents, the RE/MAX Niagara Realty Ltd. day-to-day operations will remain the same, Angelo will continue to focus on commercial sales and Michael will support with transaction inquiries.

“We are thrilled to make this great announcement, looking forward to tremendous growth in this region going forward, Angelo and his family left us with a phenomenal foundation to now bring lots of his vision that he had for this company that much further. So we are pleased to announce this, and we are very grateful to the Muraco family,” says Conrad Zurini, Broker/Owner, RE/MAX Escarpment Realty Inc.

Please join us in congratulating Angelo and family on this milestone and congratulating Conrad and family on this exciting growth opportunity for their business!