Top-producing Team Leader Jacquie Othen of RE/MAX Ultimate Realty Inc. has always used her platform to help give back to those in need within her community. 10 years of experience in the industry has taught Jacquie the significance of being a figure within the community, and has shown her how impactful and important it is to support local charities.

Jacquie first joined RE/MAX in 2013, after working for a smaller competitor. She was first inspired to make the change when Broker/Owner Tim Syrianos of RE/MAX Ultimate Realty Inc. approached her and proposed she join RE/MAX. Tim’s passion for the business and knowledge of the industry inspired her to join the #1 real estate brand in the world.

Jacquie immediately began to feel the impact of the RE/MAX brand on her business. She no longer had to take time away from listing presentations to explain the brand to her clients. Consumers already knew and trusted RE/MAX.

“The brand speaks for itself.”

As a top-performing Team Leader, Jacquie has received many awards for her success. She has been recognized in the RE/MAX Hall of Fame and is a Diamond Award winner. Despite her career success, Jacquie has always been focused on her personal goals, which includes offering her clients exceptional service and giving back to her community.

Growing up, Jacquie’s house had always been known as the fun one with all the pets, and she is proud she has maintained her pet-loving lifestyle as an adult. Currently, Jacquie’s family includes four dogs and three cats, and all of them are rescues.

The Toronto Humane Society has always been close to Jacquie’s heart, having adopted her first dog there – a gorgeous labrador retriever. Since then, Jacquie has continued to be an avid supporter of the organization. Her goal to help the Toronto Humane Society led her to officially partner with the organization in early 2020.

With this new partnership, Jacquie dedicated her time, effort and marketing dollars to support the organization and the animals in need. She kicked off a campaign called “Adopt Don’t Shop,” whereby the Toronto Humane Society would allow her team to feature and showcase adoptable animals on the Othen Group’s social channels to raise awareness and promote animal adoption.

“There was a huge spike in adoption during COVID-19, with everyone wanting to bring home a pet, but with that also came economic uncertainties.”

Jacquie was proud to see an exceptional response from her clients. Many stepped up where they could, offering to donate funds, food and even adopt some of the featured animals.

Jacquie is thrilled to be an avid supporter of the Humane Society, and has helped make an important positive impact on the lives of many needy animals within her community. This month, Jacquie has donated an outstanding $5,000 towards the Toronto Humane Society, to help support them during these unprecedented times.

“These animals have no voice for themselves. I thought, if I could be the voice for them, and we are able to provide these organizations the support they need, then maybe we can help animals stay in or find loving homes.”

While Jacquie and the Othen Group are big advocates for animals, Jacquie also helps support other organizations within her community. She currently sits on the Board of Gilda’s Club of Greater Toronto, a group that helps cancer patients throughout their treatment by offering emotional and nutritional support. Jacquie has remained an active Board Member throughout COVID-19, and has seen how this and many other organizations have had to pivot to adapt to the pandemic, turning to virtual support to ensure the safety of those involved.

For Jacquie, COVID-19 solidified the importance of giving back where she can. With food supply at an all-time low at local food banks, the Othen Group has worked to raise funds and secure food donations for local food banks and offered continued support to the Toronto Humane Society.

Since becoming a real estate Agent, Jacquie dedicated her personal time and made it her goal to use her platform in the community to give back however and wherever she can. She aims to inspire other RE/MAX Agents to do the same.

Every dollar matters. It doesn’t matter how much you can offer, but the littlest donation can make such a difference.”